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After every workshop we ask for feedback from both staff and students. Below is a selection of comments from our most recent workshops.

Middle School, Bedford (aged 11 -13, KS3 skills Day)

"I liked the starter, 'Captain's Coming' because it's a really active challenge and you have to have good listening skills."

"I liked the freeze frames best because it was fun changing into all the positions."

"The promenade game- because we had to memorize actions and then do it with our partner. It was fun."

"I liked the pirate game, because it was fun and showed us what mime is."

"Acting, because I could set my mind free and do what I wanted."

Secondary School, Luton (aged 11-12, Masks/ Commedia & Unarmed Combat Day)

"Excellent range of activities and things that KS3 do not do in depth here, thanks!"

"I liked doing the Commedia dell'Arte because it was fun to do and watching other peoples performances was really funny!"

"I liked working with new people and it was fun."

"I liked doing the exercise involving our emotions because we got to show different ones."

"I liked the unarmed combat because it looked so real and physical."

Secondary School, Luton, (aged 15-16, 2 days- Brecht/ Boal & Stanislavski and Preparing for the Exam Performance)

"I liked this activity because I learned a new skill to put in my exam drama piece."

"Improvisation tasks because it made you think on the spot and it made things more fun."

"It allowed us to be creative and interact with each other."

"I liked the last activity because it gave us ideas for our final exam piece and kept my group active and motivated."

"Because it involved everyone and was enjoyable."

"It helped us to get used to performing in front of people."

"It was really useful to use extracts from 'Bouncers', 'Shakers' and 'Too Much Punch for Judy' to show different skills to the students and to engage them both in comedy and in more serious pieces."

Primary School, Stourport (aged 7 -8,  Ancient Greece Day)

"I really loved watching them do the visualisation exercise where you took them through the labyrinth, they really got into it."

"That game of 'Theseus and the Minotaur' was great, we'll be playing that again!"

"Great workshop, the children's attention was kept at all times which shows that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves."

"It was lovely to see the children come out of themselves."

"They gained in confidence in working in groups and on their own."

"I really liked playing the game in the labyrinth and then the bit where we met the Minotaur, it was fun."

"I liked being the narrator because I have never spoken in front of the class before, and it wasn't as scary as I thought!"

"The masks were cool!"

"It was very interesting and lots of fun and it made us learn more about the Greeks."

"I liked the workshop because we made a play and wore white masks."

After School Club Dagenham,  (aged 4 - 11, Storytelling Day)

"Clare was great with the kids. They loved the 'Mr Rabbit' song! We hope to see her again soon!"

"I liked the song about the rabbit, it was funny!"

"I liked it when we worked in our group, doing the news report. Ours was quite good, because we worked well together."

Secondary School, Market Drayton (aged 11-12, African Day)

"I particularly enjoyed the pace and Clare's ability to alter her management dependent on groups. It was lovely to watch such a good practitioner!"

"It was fun and I could be someone I'm not which is drama and I like drama."

"I liked doing the freeze frames and developing the story, because you got to feel what the characters were like and what they felt like."

"I enjoyed the storytelling the best because we had to physically use our bodies to create the story e.g. people holding their legs to be the eggs."

"It was teamwork, helping one another, which I thought was nice. Everyone was being very co-operative and friendly."

"I liked the singing and the role-play because it was fun and it helped to not be afraid of showing what I can do."

"I liked the storytelling because it made me more confident."

"I liked the chanting because we got to dance to the beat of the drum.""I liked the role-play because I liked playing the ant."

""I liked it when we had symbols on our faces and did our tribal song because it was fun."

Secondary School, Ellesmere Port (aged 13-14, Unarmed Combat Day)

"The pupils learned a new skill. They responded really well to the workshop. Thank you, the kids have really benefited from the workshops today!"

"I enjoyed the fight scene we made up. I liked chucking myself to the ground and learning how to perform a fake fight."

"I liked doing the King Arthur bit because it was funny and fun to do."

"I liked learning to stage fight because i had to trust my partner."

"I liked putting our stage fighting piece to music because it was fun trying to get the fight to fit with the rhythm."

"It was educational and funny too!"

Secondary School, Smethwick (aged 14-15, KS4 Skills and 'Blood Brother's' Day)

"I enjoyed 'Blood Brothers' best because we had to act out a scene when they got shot."

"I liked doing the scene set to music, when the brothers died because it was very emotional."

"I liked acting the scene between Mrs Johnson and Mrs Lyons, because it was exciting and fun."

"I liked being in pairs and doing the 'Master and Servant' exercise. It was fun because it was in silence so we had to put a lot of emotions into it and use facial expressions."

Secondary School, Alfreton (aged 11-13, Relationships & Anti-Bullying Day)

"I enjoyed making up the anti-bullying rap."

"I like the impro game in two teams where we did scenes against each other because it was fun."

"I liked doing the performance at the end, acting out the different scenes was fun."

"All of the children joined in the activities and enjoyed the day."

"The students learnt about anti-bullying issues and were able to express themselves through drama. Quick, great pace, great day."

Secondary School, Cheshire (aged 15-17, KS4/5 Skills Day)

"I liked working with objects symbolically so that there was a deeper meaning."

"I liked learning new drama skills because they challenged my brain and stimulated my serious acting skills."

"The day gave me ideas for my own future exam performances."

"The day got everyone involved, was fun and very active."

"I liked using a photograph as a stimulus and then adding all of the skills to build up a polished performance."

"Both staff and students really enjoyed the day. I particularly liked the way symbolism was incorporated and how the build up of skills led to a polished, well structured performance."

Primary School, Crawley (aged 7/ 8 years old, 'Europe')

"I liked the singing and the quiz because we could run around and they were fun!"

"I liked using our body to make the building for the country."

"I liked the shopping lists game because it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot."

"I liked the songs the best because I always like a little song to sing."

"I liked the biq quiz best because I learned new things and it was fun."

"As a teacher I learnt lots of new games and ideas! There were fantastic links to our entire topic- you have worked very hard!"

Secondary School, West London (aged 13/ 14,  'Dulce et Decorum Est' by Wilfred Owen- WW1 Poems

"The sound-scape let us use our own idea"

"I like the thought tunnel, because I could tell you my thoughts of war."

"I liked acting, because it expresses your actions and feelings and also you get to use your imagination."

"Acting out the gas attack sequence, because you could easily express yourself."

"I liked doing the frozen picture sequence because it was interesting to think about the context and contrast of before and after war."

"I liked acting out with the music, it was more involved."

"I liked acting out scenes together as it really showed what we were learning about and it was enjoyable."

""It was good to see boys develop their drama techniques and enthusiasm, Very well led, professional and enjoyable workshop".

"Setting the final piece to music was particularly effective, a very memorable introduction to Owen for GCSE with much more in depth thinking about dramatic techniques than they've achieved in the past."

Cubis, Liverpool (adults, Corporate Training Day, 'Giving a Presentation & the Voice')

"It was helpful watching myself after being filmed to pick up on my mannerisms."

"I can see that I need to project myself more and make more eye contact."

"I learnt about the importance to prepare in advance."

"I found that some of the tips about how to control nerves will be useful in the future."

Secondary School, Wednesbury (aged 13- 15, KS4 Skills & Character Development Days)

"I liked the voices in the head because it shows the audience what the characters feeling."

"I enjoyed doing the hot seating because it helped me understand some of the characters in more detail."

"I liked working in our groups because we worked well together and shared ideas."

"The vocal warm up helped me to improve on my vocals."

"I liked all of the skills that used thoughts because it helped my drama skills and I've learned things I never have before."

"I liked working in the diamond shape on the speech because it was fun."

"I feel like you've helped me to re-focus my teaching on building blocks towards a final piece- allowing my learners to feel more confident in their performances."

"It's been refreshing having a professional working with my classes. The techniques and devices you've shared and explored with them have been tailored to their next assessment which allows a solid platform for me to 'launch' from. Thank you so much for coming to us- you've helped me to remember what's important!"

Independent Senior School, Esher (Students & Parents Community Evening)

"I liked making the 3 frozen images with the two age groups because I got to talk to my friends parents and my teachers casually not formally."

"I liked the frozen picture sequence because I enjoyed learning what my parents used to do when they were kids!"

"I liked learning more about my mom and I love doing skits!"

"The session was more friendly and gave a better understanding of tableaux."

"I learned about transitions between scenes."

"It was fun to create something with the kids."

"I loved being interactive and creative with my daughter, loved it!"

"I liked the way the freezes went with the music. We got to share info with others from different countries, habits, outlooks, memories and it was funny to notice the similarities!"

"It made us work together and respect each others opinions."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful community event. Wonderful facilitation of such a variety of ages!"

Secondary School, London (aged 11-12, Shakespeare Day)

"I liked doing scenes from 'The Tempest', it was fun."

"I liked the day because I got to learn something new and it was fun."

"The unarmed combat was amazing because we learnt how to stage fight without hurting people."

"I enjoyed the ship making activity as we got to work as a team and it was fun."

Middle School, Coalville (aged 11-14, WWI Poems/ Commedia/ Unarmed Combat)

"I enjoyed working in groups of different ages."

"I really liked the stage fighting because it is amazing and now I know how to stage fight which is something I have always wanted to do!"

"I enjoyed working on the WWI poetry, it was thought provoking."

"I enjoyed doing the medical check up scene- it was funny!"

"I liked doing Commedia- it was rude and funny!"

"I liked doing the WWI poetry because when we acted with the music it made the scene eerie and tense."

"I liked the WWI stuff because I felt I was there as a soldier and I really enjoyed learning about the war as well."

"It was fun to learn how to do the stage fighting and how it is made to look realistic."

Primary School, Witham, (aged 10-11, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream')

"I really like the activity where you imagine what is happening because you use your imagination."

"Putting the play altogether- it's nice because we get to see the end result. There was a really nice atmosphere."

"I liked doing the freeze frames because you got to work with different people and work well with their skills."

"I liked the play- there were parts for everyone and I improved a lot of skills and it was fun."

"I liked performing the play within a play, we did new things and it was very fun as the story was funny."

"I liked playing in the play because I got to have a chance to have a go at something new and fun."

"I liked it when we did the filming of the play because it was exciting, 3 different groups altogether and it helped us with better teamwork."

"I liked the freeze frames because they were fun, you had to freeze in some funny positions."

"I liked the moving piece because there was music and it was dramatic."

Secondary School, London (aged 12-13, 'The Tell Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe)

"I liked it where you moved about and a number was called and you did random stuff about the story- I didn't know what to expect!"

"Using the drum created tension well."

"The session was fun and used our imaginations more."

"The freeze frames challenged your creativity and you got to work with other people."

"I liked the way we used the essence machine to create tension."

"I liked doing the role-play because I got to work with others and work with the drum."

"I liked doing the pictures, they were very physical and great fun to do."

"It was really funny using people as the bed and the floorboards!"

"I got to work with people I didn't know so well which was good."

"The session was really physical which was great!"

"I liked wearing a mask, it added tension to our work."

"I liked acting out the police interrogation, it was fun."

"I enjoyed doing drama because it boosted my morale."

"I liked communicating in different ways, like with the voices in the head."

Primary School, Manchester (aged 10-11, The Victorians)

"I liked this activity because I like acting and using body language."

"I learned what it was like to be a Victorian child."

"I liked it because we learned about Queen Victoria."

"I understand everything that Clare taught us about everything clearly to us."

"I learned that the children had to work hard."

"I liked learning about working in a factory because it was a dangerous job."

"I found the day very enjoyable. It flew by. All children were kept engaged."

"Activities were varied and kept the children engaged, highly recommended."

"The children really enjoyed all the activities and listened all day."

Primary School, London (aged 9-10, The Romans)

"I liked acting out the story of Romulus and Remus because we could use our imaginations."

"I liked getting into groups of different numbers because you were able to create a Roman scene and express your characters feelings."

"I liked using our voices and sound effects which made it interesting."

"The freeze frames helped me understand about myths and legends of ancient Rome."

"I loved all of the drama session because it was a new experience for me."

"I loved doing the drama about Romulus and Remu because it was fun and interactive."

"I liked the frozen pictures best because it was very fun and unique- it was nice to see how everyone had interpreted the phrase Clare called out."

"I liked the drama activity using the sound effects because it told the story with actions and had a flowing atmosphere."


Primary School, London (aged 10- 11, 'Treasure Island')

"I liked the physical theatre because we got to use our bodies to make an object for example a boat, a treasure chest and so on."

"I liked acting because it gave me a chance to perform and speak in front of a small crowd."

"I liked the acting the extracts out best because I liked working with my group- good teamwork."

"I liked the bit with the music and using mime, it was fun."

"I liked that everyone got to be a part of it all, no one was left out and we had fun."

"I liked when we had to move around somehow and then get into groups and make a freeze frame- it was like a game."

"I liked doing the extract of 'Treasure Island' because it gave me a chance to do some acting and to use the skills you need to be good at acting."

"I loved it when I got to be the narrator and we did the play."

"I liked the piece with did with music because it gave us confidence (I love drama!)"

"I liked sharing ideas about the piece of text and work as a team. It was fun to be pirates and other interesting characters from the story."

"I liked matching our sword fight to the mood of the music."


Primary School, Birmingham (aged 9-10, 'Pantomime)

"I liked doing the frozen pictures and the chases because you get to move around and use your imagination and be creative."

"I liked the Roman exercise because I got to be the beanstalk."

"I liked doing Roman sonomime because I really got to express myself, act freely and entertain my class."

"The Roman sonomime was funny and if someone didn't want to speak they didn't have to but were still involved."

"I liked performing a mini play, you can put what you have learned into it."

"I liked it when you shouted a number and we got into groups, it was fun, made me laugh and practice my facial expressions."

"I liked physical theatre best because it was fun, you got to work with different people and you could do different things."

"I liked the Roman sonomime because I got to be the giant and I got to be towered up above my classmates."


Primary School, Chester (aged 9-11, 'Richard III'- School's Shakespeare Festival entry)

"I liked the essence machine. It was quite funny as it was unnatural but it helped you to know when to be on cue."

"I liked the soundscapes because there are many possibilities."

"I liked the tableaux as we were able to work as a team to create an amazing structure."

"I liked doing the scenes from the play because it had a lot of acting in it and I liked watching the others act."

"I liked the essence machine because it was fun, energizing and helped you to become more confident."

"I liked voices in the head best. I loved how it gradually built up on sound, speed and space."

"I liked the voices in the head because we had never done anything like that before."

"I liked making the Tower of London because we made it with our bodies."

"I liked wearing a mask and being a ghost."


Primary School, London (aged 7-9, 'Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish')

"I liked acting the different parts of the story in groups."
"Doing the frozen pictures was a lot of fun and it really tested me because it was also challenging."
"I liked it when you had to freeze as a dinosaur because it made me laugh and it was fun."
"I liked using my imagination in the frozen pictures."
"I liked it when the man was looking at the stars."
"I liked having to mime as the man while Clare read the paragraph out."
"I liked the bit where the dinosaur told off the man because I liked being lifted up."
"I liked making shapes with our bodies and using our body language."
"I enjoyed making frozen pictures, it was loads of fun, I enjoyed it very much, thank you for a lovely time, come back soon!"
"I had no problems, it was the best workshop ever!"
"I liked being a dinosaur, because they have pointy sharp teeth."
"Making a rocket with our body was fun."
"I liked watching people show their work, it was fun."

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