Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Making the Register Fun and Interesting

A fun way to do the register once you have got to the point where you are happy that you know all of the students names in the group is to get a student at the start of each lesson to choose a category e.g. types of food, premiership football teams, brands of shoes, makes of car, breeds of dogs, rivers, authors & playwrights etc etc. The teacher calls the individual students names out, taking the register, and the students individually answer when their name is called with something from the category rather than saying 'yes sir/miss'.

Using a Continuum as a Plenary

The following exercise can be done as a starter to introduce a topic or as a plenary to reflect on the lesson/ topic.

  • Whole class form a continuum- a single file line along a wall. Label one end of the wall /space January and the other December.
  • The students line up in a single file line facing you, in order of their birthdays. They can speak to each other for this one.
  • Teacher count down from 5-1= pupils individually but all at the same time, freeze as - someone remembering a happy memory or as a character from the lesson, or a particular moment in a story for one chosen character etc etc to create a tableau. Teacher can count down again to show different moments.
  • To create a new continuum but this time using the first letter of either their first name or surname. This time the students aren't allowed to speak.
  • Count down and repeat the freeze with a sad memory or a different moment or character
  • Talk about facial expressions and body language.
  • This can be done to show how they feel about their own progress in class as well.
  • After the final one, the students could then be thought tapped.
  • Using a drum to freeze on also helps younger students to focus.

Drama Exam Tip

A student is marked on their ability to successfully communicate with the audience. A very simple way of making sure they pick up some marks for this is by getting each student to perform a monologue: a speech spoken by one character to another/ other character/s, soliloquy: a speech spoken by one character to themselves and/ or address the audience: when a character speaks directly to the audience. Sometimes as if the audience is playing a character in the performance.

Shopping Lists

A good whole class warm up game- 'Shopping Lists'- can theme the lists to absolutely any topic e.g. social skills- 'smile', 'making eye contact' etc or Europe- 'Gouda cheese', 'a Ferrari' etc.

  • Choose 4 volunteers to be 'shops'. Stand them on a chair in 4 corners of the room. Give then a shopping list.
  • Teacher in centre gathers rest of class around them and asks them to find different items off the master list, one item at a time.
  • The students go around the shops and ask them politely if they have the items.
  • Shopkeepers can pretend to be hard of hearing/ not understand etc, but must answer yes/ no.
  • If yes, the students keep quiet and line up in front of that shop to form a queue.
  • If no, they keep going around the shops until they find the correct one.
  • The last 1/ 2 students in the queue are out.
  • Repeat until there is a winner.

NB- this game will get quite speedy and noisy!


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